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7-days walking package with luggage service, from hotel/pension to the next hotel/pension in Friesland. Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner.

• 7 days enjoyment of the surprising Friesland
• Walking from one hotel/pension to the other
• With luggage service
• Including breakfast and dinners

The walking tour, The Friese Woudenpad

The province of Friesland is well known for its Frisian lakes and of course the Eleven Cities, which attracts yearly many water sport lovers and tourists. But Friesland also possesses a variance when it comes to landscape which is very impressive, but not that well known to people. The Frisian Woudenpad, which runs through Friesland, from Lauweroog to Steenwijk is one of these surprising examples; highly recommended for any walker!

Friesland Holland, the bureau for tourism in Friesland, has arranged a fantastic all-in 7 days walking package. This package offers you to do the Woudenpad route from Lauwersoog to Steenwijk in daily stages of maximum 30 kilometres. Besides the diverse footpaths which takes the walker through the most beautiful places of the province, the Frisian Woudenpad characterizes itself due to the accommodations in which you will be sleeping. These charming places are all equipped with an excellent kitchen.

Route connects four National Parks
The Frisian Lange-Afstand-Wandelpad (LAW) between Lauwersoog and Steenwijk has a new name and a new guide. The name changed since September 20th 2010 and is no longer known as Zevenwoudenpad, but now as Frisian Woudenpad. The 147 kilometres long route connects the National parks Lauwersmeer, Friese Wouden, Drents-Friese Wold and de Weerribben to each other and is therefore according to the inventor, the Stichting Wandelplatform-LAW, one of the most beautiful LAW’s in the Netherlands.

Variance in landscape
Walkers will be surprised to see the variance in the Frisian landscape. The route starts in the open Frisian clay area. After the historical city Dokkum follow the Dokkumer Wâlden, a unique ‘slagenlandschap’ with small outstretched parcels and alder hedges. The actual Wâlden start in the South of Drachten: sand ridges between which beautiful rivers like the Koningsdiep, de Tsjonger (Tjonger) and the Lende (Linde) flow. The walker will be introduced to the typical esdorpen landscape of South-West Drenthe on the last part to Steenwijk.

The Frisian Woudenpad package is due to its variance in nature and beautiful paths, nice hotels and other accommodations, dining options and the excellent luggage service of Friesland Holland for every walker a unique and unforgettable experience.

Route book
The Frisian Woudenpad book, published by the Wandelplatform is included in the package price. The book entails information about the route and surrounding. You will receive an information package of Friesland Holland beside the Frisian Woudenpad book.

Starting day
Monday or Tuesday

Number of walking days
7 days

Starting point
Best Western Hotel, Steenwijk

• 6x overnight stay
• 6x breakfast
• 5x dinner
• Tourist taxation
• Luggage service from accommodation to accommodation
• Route-information map

• Travel- and cancellation insurance
• Lunches and drinks
• Caution! Dinner is not included on day 3 as you will be staying in a Bed & Breakfast that day.



Plus d'informations et les prix, veuillez visiter: www.frieslandtravel.com